Becky Falls, Dartmoor

Last summer my partner and I were travelling down to Cornwall from Glastonbury and we decided to drive over Dartmoor and to take a lunchtime stop over at Becky Falls. It is somewhere he had visited and loved in his youth, and he had memories of a Tolkien-esque magical kingdom that he wanted to revisit. I, on the other hand, fancied seeing the wild ponies in Dartmoor, and coming from the flatlands of the East always welcomed the opportunity to see some ancient woodland and a bit of undulation. 

Needless to say we were not disappointed, the drive through Dartmoor was spectacular, and we spotted the obligatory wild ponies and I was amazed at how empty the roads were. It is obviously a slow way to traverse the area owing to the animals in the roads, but it just gives you time to drink in the amazing views, so no complaints from me. 

Becky Falls itself was a real treat, the car park is just across the way from the actual park, where there is a small cafe and animal nature reserve with meerkats, owls and the like. The good news is that when you are in the actual park it is big enough to still feel ‘wild’ and to give the impression of isolation, and a complete lack  of era. This is something I really enjoy, thinking that it could be 2016, or it could be 216 CE and you have no concept of time when you are there. 

A truly beautiful stop over and well worth a visit if you are in the area.

Have any of you got any tips for places to visit in Dartmoor? Would love to hear from you, Kate x


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