Travelling Graffiti Spots

As you know I love travelling, for the opportunity to explore new cultures, foods, and to see things from another perspective.

One of the things I’ve often enjoyed about Europe is that they have a real skill for street art/ graffiti.

I first noticed the difference, when at the age of 14 on french exchange, I was picked up by my exchange student’s brother from being dropped off from the school coach. Cedric kindly pointed out to me the streets of graffiti in Orleans (where I would be staying), he asked me how I liked their local ‘artists’, and it was apparent to me that he was not joking, and that this was a source of pride in the area.

Since then I’ve taken the opportunity to snap good graffiti and street art on my travels, and thought I’d share with you some places where I’ve found the work to be particularly impressive.

One of my favourite graffiti spotting cities is Valencia in Spain. It’s a beautiful old city surrounded by ultra-modern futuristic developments right on the coast, with some amazing street art.

Another great place to spot graffiti is France and it isn’t just the big cities which have great street art, often with a political / ironic slant. Check out this example of stencilled street art from Limoges in Languedoc.

dscn1935 Or this from the nearby seaside town of Narbonne.


It doesn’t always have to be political to be street art, and I’ve found some painted walls, like these below from Split in Croatia, which were just really pretty and gave you an idea of the history of the place.


Sometimes I don’t even ‘get’ what the graffiti is about but I still enjoy looking at it for its whimsical and vibrant take on things. The below example are from Porto, Portugal, where there were a LOT of aliens.


Where are your favourite places to spot street art? Are there any apps you’d recommend to help me keep up my treasure hunt for them?

Thanks for reading, Kate x


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