Metallic Effect Knot Earrings


I’ve been really enjoying the 80s revival in fashion which we’ve seen over the last couple of years, but when it comes tow 80s jewellery, unless you have a laser cutter at home, it’s hard to make your own.

I then came across this great post where they were using DAS and spray paint to create giant knot earrings. This got me to thinking that I could do something similar with polymer clay, which would enable me to use whatever colour I wanted, and by using real silver leaf or gold leaf I could add a genuine metallic element which would work well.

I decided on a classic black and silver combo, but it would work equally well with a hot pink and gold leaf, or dark blue with bronze leaf. The possibilities are endless.

You will need:

Polymer clay in the colour of your choice (I used black I. A piece about the size of a malteaser)

Metal leaf (I used silver leaf about a matchbox sized piece)

Baking tray

Sharp knife

Two stud backs

Strong glue

Kitchen foil
To start with take the polymer clay and knead and roll in your hands until it is warm and flexible, and roll it into a ball.
Then wrap the ball in your silver foil. It should naturally stick to the surface of the polymer clay if it is at body temperature.

Start to roll the ball into a long sausage shape using your fingers, trying to keep the width even the whole way along the line. The silver foil will naturally create a crackle effect as the piece lengthens.

Then loosely tie a knot at the end of your length. When you are happy with the shape of your knot cut the length off and gently place your piece on your foil lined baking tray.

Bake according to the manufacturer’s instructions and leave to cool.

Once completely cool glue the stud back to the rear of your earrings and once dry they are ready to wear. Shoulder pads and blue eye shadow are optional !


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