Kew Gardens, London


I’m a complete gardening obsessive, and whilst I only have two small gardens, I love visiting grander gardens to get inspiration for my own home.

Kew Gardens is a beautiful place to while away some time on a sunny afternoon in London.


Famous for its grand glass houses, it is home to wonderful planting schemes and exotica from all over the world. Check out these giant lily pads, prickles cacti and amazing red pineapples which I spotted whilst there.



Whilst I love some of these ideas, they are sometimes hard to take home and transfer the idea into something useable for me. So with my house in the colder climate of England I thought that the  ideas of clusters of cacti planted together is definitely something I could use.


Similarly, whilst I dont have a grow house, I thought that some macrame hanging players would allow me to create something similar to this stunning orchid wall that they had. The little pops of colour look amazing, and as they are orchids should last well.

I also spotted the cutest idea for an alternative ‘party’ gift. They had these amazing planters which were based around cocktails. They were planted up with all of the ingredients to make your favourite drink.


What a great idea. I love a good grin and tonic, so maybe bringing a small cucumber plant, a juniper blush and an indoor lemon plant with a bottle of gin to a party would make a great alternative gift for a green fingered friend.

As for outdoor inspiration I loved the structures and lines that were in the more formal gardens, and I’ve planted box bushes around my borders in the back for a more structured look, which looks pretty all year round.



Have you been to Kew, what did you think? If you are planning to go I’m sure you’ll have a great time, Kate x


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