DIY personalised noticeboard

I’ve wanted a pin board in our kitchen for a while but every time I looked on Amazon I was amazed by how expensive and ugly they were. So when I saw how inexpensive a plain pin board from Ikea was I thought I didn’t have much to lose by attempting a bit of decoration myself.


I wanted it to reference this picture we have in our otherwise plain kitchen so picked paint samples from our local diy store to match.


(I have painted cork board with acrylic paint in the past and that’s lasted about 15 years so I think cork could be quite a versatile surface.)

Then it was just a case of masking out a pattern and slapping on some paint. Couldn’t be easier.


I let it dry for a couple of hours then removed the tape and arranged the pins, which came with the board, and it’s ready for hanging.


I think this would be a fun activity for kids or those not particularly confident in their artistic skill as the effect can be quite striking with minimum effort. Hope you enjoy trying this out, Mel.


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