One of the first questions I’m asked when I tell people I’m a blogger, is ‘what do you blog about?’. I find the question difficult to answer sometimes, because I don’t like to be put into one particular category; I’m not a cookery-blogger (much as I love to share good recipes), and much as I love craft projects and travelling, I feel that this blog is more about a philosophy than it is a particular subject.

Modern Arts and Crafts is about bringing the philosophical principles of the original Arts and Crafts Movement, and updating it for the modern age.

On the posts in this blog you will find cost-effective recipes, homemade gifts, travel and lifestyle tips which are a little out of the ordinary. This site is about working less and enjoying more: not spending more and loving less.

Expect to find exciting articles on this quintessentially British movement on gardening, rural life, exciting adventures, and diys for you to try. I hope you enjoy it, Kate x



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