Mini Polymer Clay Pots

I’ve been messing around with polymer clay for about a year now after my friend Kate introduced me to it. I love how cheap it is, meaning I can experiment without breaking the bank, how clean it is to work with, because I don’t have a studio, just a small table in my sitting room, and how quickly you can produce something – I’m hugely impatient so if I can’t finish a project in a day I’m not interested.

All of my efforts had been on beads. I’ve had a few commissions, and made some necklaces I’m pleased with but was looking out for something new to challenge. So when my friend Cecilia sent me this link I leapt into action.
These tiny pots, currently in Heal’s, were just too cute and perfect not to try. Part dolls’ furniture part stunning ceramic sculpture they seem like the thing you could produce endlessly without getting bored.


The stone colour was a Sculpey clay straight from the pack, the pink was one I got in a selection pack but the green I mixed myself, marbling it with gold to give it a bit of interest. The only tools I used were an orange stick and a tooth pick.

I plan to make a number but always have a selection of five on display – in line with the Japanese notion of five being lucky.